Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Full Auto's Underserved Hype

Full Auto, the upcoming Xbox 360 game from SEGA has received a tremendous amount of hype, is it worth the hype? The short answer is NO.

The following are opinions from the recent demo. Now, don't blame the demo, read previews from websites, they basically will tell you the same. So that means bugs will most likely still be in the retail version. By this I mean the framerate drops that basically kills a game like this.

FrameRate and Sense of Speed.
IT IS a big deal for a game like this. First of all, the game feels rather slow, very slow. The only time it feels like you are going fast is when you use the turbo, but that only lasts for about 3 seconds. If the game feels slow when compared to games of its kind (Burnout), we just hope it has some steady framerate right? Well, it doesn't. This thing chops in the demo, chops in the latest builds, and i'm willing to be it'll chop in the final build.

Physics and "Destruction" AND Damage
The game has been marketed as a demolish everything, explode this and that, and blow your car up with this advanced physics engine and damage model. Well, I was dissapointed. The damage is very limited, it barely passes Forza Motorsport, infact, I would say it's just as "good" as Rallisport Challenge 2's damage, and don't get me wrong, that was awesome.........for a last gen title that didn't have that as a marketing point.

You shoot a civilian car with a rocket launcher and they barely react to it, and nothing really happens to it. The car deforms somewhat, but you can barely notice it. You shoot it with a machine gun and absolutely nothing happens, not bullet holes either, it just feels cheap to shoot at a car and you simply forget about it and stop shooting. Yes, sadly that's what happens, it really says something about how "good" the shooting was implemented.

And no, you can NOT destroy everything. The streets do have a fair amount of things you can run over or destroy, but again, there's not a good feeling on how things react. The cars don't really drive well either, they feel slow and heavy.

From the people around me who have played it, the general reaction is either "meh" or worst than that, so this isn't all just my opinion after all.


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