Tuesday, March 28, 2006


A demo for Fifa 2006, Road to Word Cup for the Xbox 360 has just been released into the marketplace. I have to say that EA has striken again.

The game is just bad, really bad. We all know EA likes to develop this cash-in projects, but this? This is just way too, too hypocritical of them? I don't know. So, I'm going to try and describe what I think this game had to offer judging from the demo.

Gameplay: Have you played Fifa 06? No? what about Fifa 05? No? 04? "Yes I have" --Well, it's basically that. With the same, horrible ball physics that's been with the series since.......since they started actually. The problem is that it's now "next gen", and we are still playing "the gen before last gen" so, it doesn't feel right. I didn't feel any difference between Ronaldinho and Cafu, making Ronaldinho feel like an average player when we all know he's one, if not the best player in the world right now. The AI, on both sides, feels cheap also. Well, if you really want to go deep into gameplay details, simply read a review for past games from a RESPECTABLE source.

Graphics: Graphics....where to start. Ok, the good things about it. The stadium looks decent enough, as does the grass, and that's about it. Things start looking grim from the moment you start the match, as the camera moves around the players in the introduction. The framerate starts...t-o-....ch....op. If the framerate is going down it must be one hell of a nice looking game right? No, it's just a very unoptimized game. But right when you think the framerate is the only thing wrong, you see the game making use of "deph of field" and it just makes things look worst. It's just badly implemented. The use of deph of field, for example when a player is the one in focus, creates this weird "extra image", something you would see when you are dizzy, it's not that bad but it is very easy to spot. Also things on the back look very aliased, very disgusting.

And what's in the back? The player models. Oh boy. The facial animations are pretty cool, they move somewhat convingly, but animations outside the face look bad. Not only that, but it seemed to me like all the players move the same. Things like Ronaldinho's pony tail had the tendency of glitching, as the hair got stuck in the player's body it would start shaking like crazy. The uniforms themselves, in fact, the whole body has this extremely unrealistic shine, they look like claymation characters dipped in oil, and then exposed to 1000 light bulbs (perhaps the sun is just too close or something). Like I said, players look like they are made out of clay, the uniforms being perfect recreations of clay. They look cartoonish, and I'm not sure if EA actually went for that look, but eitherway, it looks really bad, so bad, I prefer last gen's Winning Eleven 8 or 9 graphics. The uniforms have this very basic animation, they move slightly when the player is moving, but even that is not done to good effect. The facial models are mutant-like characters trying to represent real human beings. Out of the 22 players on the field, only one from each team looked great. German midfielder Ballack, definetely looked like him, Dida not far behind him. These two players look as they should, I think. By this I mean just the way the face is modeled, because regardless of how good they are modeled they have this extreme shine that just looks bad. Some players were a joke to look at, such was the case of Ronaldo from Brazil. He looked like monkey, it was just bad. Ronaldinho was fairly well modeled, but that brings us to another problem with the graphics. Although he looked fair enough, the game throws this ridiculous shadows that makes many players look even worst. In Ronaldinho's case, very dark shadows unders his eyes, and cheecks.

That's all I'm going to talk about as far as graphics are concerned. I think the point has gotten through by now.

Sound: Ha! And I thought EA had this nailed with the FIFA series. The demo did not have commentary on, but I've always liked the commentaries from FIFA games, so it's most probable going to be good. The problem here was the crowd and other sound fx. The crowd is just loud throughout the match, but unlike other games in the series, they don't react to the action at all. They only do so when something really happens, like a close shot, or a goal, other than that, there was no reaction or a reaction so subtle is not audible. In another instance the CPU almost scored once, the ball hit the crossbar to make this very unrealistic sound, that only contributed to the dissapointment.

And that's all, download and play at your own risk.


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Pro Evolution Soccer is better. Waaay better actually. Do not play this FIFA crap. I must admit though that FIFA has gotten better in its last two iterations...

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