Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holly Crap! Sony Unveils Some Info On PS3!

After a long drought of information, SONY finally gave its fanbase something to talk about, and a bit less to talk about for the analysts.

"Here's the Live clone, in short it does what Xbox Live does and then some more"

Finally Sony brings a decent online service. Well, we don't know that yet. We know there will be a basic "free" version. And since Sony loves giving information in half, we don't know what that "basic" functionality will be like.

"6 million consoles before the end of fiscal 2006 (March 2007)"

I think there will definetely be shortages. A Sony console released in all three major territories at the same time? Japan included? Expect long lines and long waits. There will be shortages.

"Here's your new car John, you need to buy the tyres though, and the transmission too actually"

They are requiring a hard drive for games. Yet not confirmed it will come with the PS3, right out of the box. I think not including the hard drive would be extremely stupid no matter what. Ken had this to say, "We might end up installing it in all PS3s, though that depends on the market,"*rolls eyes*

"Games will play off the hard drive"

Why? Please don't tell me games will require install. I guess this is just more half baked info from Sony.

"I guess we are including a hard drive then, and I guess 60GB is enough"--Ken had once said they were not including a HDD because no matter how big it was, it would not be enough, good-ol Ken ¬_¬ ⌐_⌐

For once I hope they do broadband only for online play. No need for more lag than necessary.

"Sony is giving you a home server!!! "

What a joke!. A PS3 as a server? Basically no one will use that for many reasons, here are some:

*it's simply pathetic to use a PS3 as a server
*it'll be trouble in all ways:
-ISPs will not really like you to have servers
-It will not be easy to set up for newbies, because it simply is not.
-60GB for a home server? Pathetic
-Want to do add some mods to support a new 200GB HD? You would run into more trouble. Just get a real server, honestly.

This is a nice addition but not practical when you think about it. It'll also support "full internet" so I guess that means web browsing. I don't see that as practical either. 1)PS3 will use broadband, many people are still on Dial up, yes. 2)I don't see anyone using the PS3 for web surfing, it just seems "meh" to use a console for that. Anyways, I doubt it will be as functional as "real" web browsing. Let's say you want to run a program........oops! that doesn't running of Linux, too bad! (like the vast majority of programs)

That's the sad reality. And check back on November and tell me who's using these last two things, especially "home server" .


Blogger Milk n Cheese said...

My favorite thing from Kutaragi is 4D!!!

11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the meaning of the PS3 as a "home server". Instead of keeping alot of crap on my PSP memory stick, I'll be able to stream or copy it over wireless from a hotspot, anywhere in the world. It's really a smart idea and one I can't wait to try out.

Not to mention for games like UT, you'll be able to use your own server. Many clans/dedicated players do this. Plus the keyboard and mouse support will only sweeten the game for them.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous rikkel said...

sony sucks anyway

2:34 AM  

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