Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Never give up"

Does that phrase make any sense? It's been a long time, a long time since Altered Beast was released!!!

"Never give up", we were told that everytime the game started and everytime we died. So I'm fighting these weirdos and I die, I press start to play again and I'm told "Never give up"........hmn.....what a nice way to say "keep the coins rolling into the machine".

The "insert coin" screen. Notice the date '88, its been 18 years!

If you haven't played it, now you know it is a sidescroller, and in my opinion, one of the best at its time. It was also released for the Sega Genesis, in the huge movement of games from arcade to the home console.

In this game, it was all about becoming a kickass beast, an altered beast at that. Wolves, bears, dragons, tigers. If a second player joined you during the game, he would come out with an exotic color, like green, so the result was a green wolf as you see in the screen above. To get to that point, you had to kill a white, two heads wolf that would come your way every once in a while. Here it is.
Those purple guys live underground, but they happen to come out just to kill you.
And there's the white wolf as you see.

You kill the wolf and you become stronger........

A LOT stronger.....

By the time you kill 3 wolves, you become an altered beast. It was time to kick ass!

This was quite a memorable moment.

And for some reason, the wolf has the skills of Ryu from Street Fighter.

Oh yeah, check out that move

As any side scroller at the time, there was a boss fight at the end of every level. And as far as I remember, there are only 5 or 6 boss battles, yes, that means the game can be beat in 15 minutes, ha! And to think we whine about 8 hour games now.

It's been a while, long live Altered Beast!


Blogger Yooka the Medic said...

Outstanding entry! I didn't get to play much Altered Beast as a kid - not many places around me had it, and by the times consoles had it (or sequels maybe? I don't remember) I was too tied up on other games.

But I remember it enough to know that the graphics held up exceedingly well through time, and that it had top notch play control for a side scroller that old. Great screeners. Gotta find where I put MAME on my compy.

I too have a gaming blog, though it is more specialized. :)


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