Saturday, September 09, 2006

Road Rash

Welcome back to remember another old-school game on the Genesis, this time it's Road Rash, a driving game by the giant publisher/developer, Electronic Arts.

The title screen, very representative of the game.

Road Rash was a racing game where you had to do anything--ANYTHING--to cross the finish line first. These were illegal races on regular roads with traffic and many other complications such as cows on the side of the road and cops chasing you. Winning was not just a matter of driving good, but fighting just as well.

You are about to pass another bike and the guy punches you in the face, what do you do? You hit him back and he hits you back and you do so once again and the fight heats up until one of you go down. Some guys even have chains, and yes, you can take it away and hit them with it. It's recommended you still pay attention to the road while fighting though, incoming traffic is always a problem. It's also a good idea to check your rear-view mirrors for other riders trying to pass you, a kick usually does the job.

Choose your track!

Graphics were very very good back then. There wasn't a whole lot of repetition, and there were a lot of objects on-screen, all of them fairly detailed. The rear view mirrors were a nice touch too.

That guy is going to get it....

The best about Road Rash was definetely the gameplay, and it's probably because you actually had to drive/ride. If you remember old racing games, when you faced a turn, your car/bike would start taking the turn by itself, and in many easy turns, you didn't even have to touch the controller, so that kind of put me off about many of the old racing games. That wasn't the case with Road Rash, if you don't turn, your bike doesn't turn and you most likely end up hitting a cow outside the road and a long walk to get to wherever your bike ends up.

.....I did say it's a good idea to keep an eye on the road (check the lef rear-view mirror to see what hit me)

There was always something to worry about, and that's probably what made this game so good and addicting. In terms of difficulty, it wasn't terribly hard but yes, a couple of crashes means you won't win.

There, I won anyways, now stop laughing.

As you can see above, you get money if you place on the podium, unfortunately, I can't remember what the money was used for, but I'll look into that.

Lastly, I leave you with some footage of the game. I once again apologize for the quality of the video but youtube keeps giving me this crap. And it's not so much the image quality, it's not like you are going to see the bumpmapping or any of that, but the sound desynchronization as you'll see all sound fx coming very late and that pisses me off. So if you could please imagine everything was perfect and tell your brain that bump was 2 seconds ago, thank you.

Come back sometime later next week as we re-visit some (5) of the best old-school side-scrollers.